Combining connected devices and telemedicine, MedKitDoc raises €7 million

Combining connected devices and telemedicine, MedKitDoc raises €7 million

Berlin-based MedKitDoc has raised €7 million in seed financing. While providing a platform for remote visits to a doctor is nothing new, where MedKitDoc aims to stand apart from the crowd is through its specific focus on chronically ill patients, a bundle of connected medical devices, and time-saving features for doctors. The capital is slated to be used to further develop the platform and services as well as continue to grow the size of the team. Founded in 2020, MedKitDoc closed a pre-seed round totaling €1.7 million in April of this year and now tops out at €8.7 million raised.

With the pandemic cementing the need to further digitise a number of industries, healthcare is one sector that we’ve seen make tremendous leaps forward. Recognising that a one-size-fits-all approach in a crowded marketplace makes for a mighty struggle, MedKitDoc is taking a specialisation approach, addressing the needs of chronically ill and elderly patients.

Drilling down into this specialisation even further, the startup has assembled a package of Bluetooth-enabled medical diagnostic devices including a blood pressure monitor and stethoscope. These devices not only provide remote physicians with nearly real-time medical data, but at the same time, relevant data is automatically imported into a patient’s chart, thereby saving doctors hours and hours of administrative documentation. Ultimately, MedDocKit aims to improve the quality of life for both patients and doctors.

“Regarding our aging population, there is an urging need for innovation to ease a strained healthcare system. Our combination of easy-to-use hard- and software connected to local practitioners compensates for the weaknesses of telemedicine 1.0,” says founder and CEO Dorian Koch. “Our goal is to provide easy and timely access to high-quality medical care for as many people as possible and regardless their location.”

MedDocKit’s €7 million seed funding round was provided by Vorwerk Ventures, Acton Capital, and existing investor Picus Capital. The round also saw participation from FlixBus founders Daniel Krauss and Jochen Engert.

“MedKitDoc will significantly change the way chronically ill people receive medical care in the future. The start-up does not only think from the perspective of patients, but also considers the feasibility for institutional partners such as insurance companies, care facilities and, last but not least, doctors,” commented Vorwerk Ventures’ Sascha Günther.

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