Digitisation of staffing lands €25 million in Whoz kitty

The French HR tech startup will boost its presence in the French market while expanding into new regions like the U.S., Germany, the U.K. and India
Digitisation of staffing lands €25 million in Whoz kitty

In today’s environment of a scarcity of talent, the market for talent recruitment and retention is extremely competitive and this has been significantly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With remote working, talent management and hyper-specialisation of skills, companies need to profoundly transform themselves. To remain competitive, they need to digitise their internal processes, especially in aligning their available skills and staffing, while also meeting client needs, managing the successful delivery of projects and retaining their talent.

Fuelling the need to digitise staffing solution, a number of HR tech startups have jumped to offer solutions and of course, VC money has been pouring in the segment.

Paris-based SaaS solution for smart staffing Whoz has raised €25 million in funding from PSG Equity, to help accelerate its growth. The funding will facilitate the startup’s presence in the French market while expanding into new regions like the U.S., Germany, the U.K. and India.

Founded in 2016 by, the French SaaS platform addresses the entire staffing process: skills mapping, team building, management planning and identification of skills gap trends in order to adjust recruitment and training plans. Whoz also enables activity forecasts based on staffing capacity. It allows clients to have a real-time overview of their available talent pool to match the most appropriate talent with the specific needs of projects and clients, while also taking into account the talent’s skills and development preferences.

Jean Philippe Couturier, CEO and co-founder, Whoz, said: “We are really proud to welcome PSG as a strategic partner which we believe will accelerate our ambition of becoming a global leader in digital staffing. Their support will be a huge factor in developing our AI technologies, strengthening our offering and boosting our business development.”

Dany Rammal, managing director, head of Europe at PSG, commented: “In a fast-changing global environment, companies are increasingly turning to professional services companies to support their transformation and digitization journey. In Whoz, we have identified a pioneer with a strong specialisation in talent management and staffing for professional services companies who need to identify the most appropriate skills within their teams to meet their clients’ specific and increasingly advanced demands.”

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