Spain’s Triditive nets €5 million to boost 3D printing in manufacturing sector

The Spanish company is focused on the development of industrial machinery and software which enables the automation of additive manufacturing to boost its industrial adoption.
Spain’s Triditive nets €5 million to boost 3D printing in manufacturing sector

Driven by the pandemic, changing patterns of consumption and slowdown in shipments, the supply chain is in a state of absolute chaos. According to The Bank of Spain, the supply chain crisis will cause losses of up to €16 billion to the Spanish economy.

This is where several startups are pitching in to take on the supply crisis. Spanish firm dedicated to 3D printing on an industrial scale, Triditive has raised €5 million in a new funding round.

The company will use the capital injection to further develop its proprietary Amcell system. The pre-series A investment will give boost to its localised production approach. The company has raised €8 million to date. The round was led by an important Spanish industrial group, whose name has not been revealed by the company.

Founded in 2016, the platform has patented Amcell 3D printers, a large-format modular 3D printing cell designed for high-throughput automated production. The machine utilises both advanced robotics and machine learning-based software algorithms to facilitate the series 3D printing of metal and polymer parts on the shop floor.

According to Mariel Díaz, CEO and founder of the company, these 3D printers are capable of mass-producing 3D printed parts with metals and polymers. This, in turn, reduces the need for external suppliers of stock parts. By producing locally, the supply chain is reduced and therefore, costs ar lowered and delivery times are minimised.

The startup recently opened its 2,000 m2 production plant in Asturias, where it is developing the 3D printers.

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