German solar energy startup Enviria collects €22.5 million in Series A rays

While the B2C solar panel market tends to receive the lion's share of ink, Frankfurt's Enviria is taking a different approach and going the B2B route when it comes to energy transition.
German solar energy startup Enviria collects €22.5 million in Series A rays

Frankfurt-based Enviria has raised €22.5 million in a new funding round with will see the company continue with scaling efforts and further develop and refine its business proposition.

While the vast majority of solar energy-related projects hailing from Germany focus on residential installations and rental and maintenance services, Enviria is taking a different route, focusing instead on photovoltaic energy solutions including energy-as-a-service products customised for the distinct needs of businesses. 

Not unlike their residential-focused counterparts, Enviria’s business model centres around navigating and mitigating the headaches involved when going solar: ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, sourcing solar systems appropriate to project requirements and goals, coordinating suppliers and contractors, managing the inevitable energy surplus, and last but certainly not least, sourcing the capital to finance the project.

If you’re starting to think that the troubles might incur more headaches than they’re worth to most businesses, you know businesses whose job is usually that other than converting to solar power, you’d be dead right.

Founded in 2017, over the past five years Enviria founder and CEO Melchior Schulze Brock has steadily assembled an in-hour team that in conjunction with a partner network of installation professionals, handles the entire project from start to finish, integrating all relevant aspects of going solar into a single contract. 

What’s more, according to Brock, it’s Enviria’s meticulous attention to the finances surrounding a project that ensures commercial viability, ultimately making your project a success. Not only for the planet but for a company’s bottom line.

To date, Enviria has developed over 100 commercial projects for clients, with an installed capacity of over 50MW, a figure that was able to save approximately 28,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions from being released into the environment last year alone.

Enviria’s €22.5 million in Series A round was led by Redalpine and Galileo Green Energy, with BNP Paribas Développement and Alter Equity also participating.

“Enviria makes solar energy easily accessible to companies and their large roof units by providing all-in-one solar solutions without distracting its clients from their core business. The power generated can be used by the companies themselves, which will lift energy consumption from commercial roofs that currently remain widely unused,” concluded Redalpine’s Antonius Salis.

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