Order up: Belgium's Horeko acquired by the Exact right buyer

Belgian hosptech firm Horeko has been acquired by the Netherlands' Exact for an undisclosed figure.
Order up: Belgium's Horeko acquired by the Exact right buyer

In a space with next to no players all not vying to help an industry that hasn’t seen much change over the past few years, Dutch business software maker Exact has stepped in and acquired Belgian maker of all things hosptech Horeko for an undisclosed figure.

I’m hoping my sarcasm comes bleeding through in the opening paragraph, but it’s also meant to serve as a foreshadowing of what’s to come. While the following statement has zero scientific basis whatsoever, one of the most tech-pumped industries was that of restaurants and hospitality. 

Now that we’re emerging from the age of ‘stay at home, save lives’ (this irony, dear reader, is that I’m writing to you from home with a steady stream of sweat pouring off my brow, as I took have become a member of the two stripe club), the world is now staring at an economic crisis with similarities not seen for some 40 years prior.

What Im getting at here is that all of this tech that was built up and flourished during one scenario doesn’t always translate to a tangential scenario. Particularly in a world that as we’ve seen of late, can turn on a dime.

To Horeko’s credit, they’ve been at it since 2008, long before any of us could have imagined the past 28 months, offering Dutch and Belgian customers in restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, and franchise chains a host of services including kitchen management, recipe management, costing of dishes, HACCP registration, and staff scheduling features.

“With the addition of Horeko to our portfolio, we can further unburden restaurateurs and other catering entrepreneurs. Horeko is an expert in the hospitality industry, in which we already serve entrepreneurs with our cloud-based products for automating their business processes,” commented Exact CEO Paul Ramakers.

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