🎙️ The Drive at Five with Robin and Dan - Episode 7

Up this week: The shaky Portuguese legal system, Barkyn's quantum leap, Gigs and who their customers are(?), the buzz around Instabee, and why 300 million is the number of the week.
🎙️ The Drive at Five with Robin and Dan - Episode 7

Despite skipping the legendary opening party at OMCLUB as part of DMEXCO in Cologne, and smelling quite lovely, I might add, Robin's back in the studio to discuss what went down across the European technosphere this week.

🇵🇹 Robin weighs in on Dan's "tech-light, but a good read" piece highlighting the shaky legal system in Portugal and what it means to the investment and startup scenes.

🎙️ > 🎤 After a blip in the audio recording, we're pleased to announce that we're going through Robin's audio setup with a fine-toothed comb, and let's see if we can get him sounding just as good as Dan. Or at the very least, remove all the technical barriers.

⚛️ Dan finally received the opportunity to pen a headline he's been waiting his entire life for it involves "pet food and supplements" and a quantum leap in innovation.

👑 Robin recaps the funding numbers of the week, noting that of the top 10 investments none of them were from the UK. A rarity indeed. What's going on? Hint: Salve Regina.

📱 Berlin/San Francisco-based telecom-as-a-service platform Gigs raised $20 million from a number of notable investors including Gradient, Google’s early-stage fund, YC Continuity, etc., but neither Robin nor Dan can figure out just who their customers are and/or what industries/segments they're targeting. Stay tuned...

🐝 Robin waxes poetic about the buzz surrounding the Instabox and Budbee merger.

💸 And there's one more thing - Robin takes note that investors tend to like the $300 million number. This week Swisscom VenturesDTCP, and Extantia all clocked in at 300 million.

😂 Last but certainly not least, after 5 episodes hosted together, Robin finally loses it and we almost have to stop the show due to uncontrollable laughter.

All this and more on Episode 7 of Tech.eu's Drive at Five!


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