Getting To The Point with Slush president Mikko Mäntylä (Video interview)

We had a catch-up with Mikko Mäntylä, longtime Slush team member and currently its president, to talk about the upcoming event in Helsinki, how it differentiates from other tech conferences and what's in store for the future.

Two more weeks before Slush hits Helsinki, so we took the opportunity to have a good old conversation with the Finnish non-profit's president, Mikko Mäntylä, about its origins, present and future plans.

Tune in if you want to hear his take on why Slush is different from other tech events, 'side projects' like Node, Soaked and Slush'd that have gone well (and some not so well), why Mikko thinks downscaling the size of the event is actually a good thing, its symbiotic relationship with the Finnish startup ecosystem, and rotating the team on a (very) regular basis.

Also: what's next for him, personally.

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