Bitwarden buys up passwordless authentication company

Bitwarden's open source password manager will be empowered by new passwordless authentication tools, like FIDO2 passcodes and biometrics.
Bitwarden buys up passwordless authentication company, a Malmö, Sweden-based passwordless authentication startup, has joined forces with Bitwarden, an open source password management company based out of California, following an acquisition by Bitwarden closed recently.

The partners immediately launched a beta sign up for Bitwarden's customers. The hope is that Passwordless's open source, FIDO2-compliant user verification tools, such as passkeys sent to the user's smartphone, will expand Bitwarden's presence into non-password verification.

Two-stage authentication protocols, for instance, are increasingly employed by sensitive online services such as finance to protect the customer against fraud by requiring them to supply both a password and a contact number  for FIDO2-based verification.

Other authentication tools have focused on ease of access by providing a no password option to log in, for instance using fingerprint scanners and visual ID from certain smartphones.

The product acts as a turnkey platform that can be applied in various enterprise authentication environments, aimed at reducing the cost of upgrading to FIDO2 and other no password protocols while also allowing development teams to upgrade authentication more easily. 

Bitwarden CEO Michael Crandell said enterprises have shown a large appetite for passwordless verifying, whether through FIDO2 or biometric verification tools such as Face ID.

Crandell said: "Customers want passwordless authentication solutions that are unique to their companies and end users, but building differentiated experiences is resource intensive.

"In this race towards secure online experiences with the power of FIDO2 to mitigate common attack vectors, Bitwarden and will make passwordless more accessible for everyone.”

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