It’s official: Spotify founder Daniel Ek takes on healthcare

Since conquering the music industry, Spotify founder Daniel Ek has been working on Neko Health for the past four years.
It’s official: Spotify founder Daniel Ek takes on healthcare

While the rumours have been widely circulated, it’s been officially confirmed that Spotify founder Daniel Ek is getting into the healthcare system business with his newest startup Neko Health.

The company was unveiled yesterday in a typically Swedish way, that is, quietly. According to a LinkedIn post, for the past four years, the company has been involved in an intense research and product development phase, working on a “healthcare system that can help people stay healthy through preventive measures and early detection.”

Ek’s newest venture, together with Watty, an AI-powered, smart home energy usage and insights platform founder Hjalmar Nilsonne, Neko Health uses the latest advancements in AI to render a full body scan aimed at helping patients address both current and potential future health concerns. Likewise, this data can be used by medical professionals to create a holistic view of patients.

According to the company’s website, they “combine more than 70 different sensors to capture a detailed picture of your health. The system is built by us from the ground up and is not available anywhere outside of our receptions.”

Beginning with skin and heart issues, Neko Health is currently only available at the company’s first health center on Regeringsgatan 61 in central Stockholm. 

Additional details provided about the company indicate that the scan is completely non-invasive, requires only a few minutes to perform, and is immediately followed up by an in-person doctor’s consultation to discuss the results. 

A quote provided via Neko Health’s website, “This is how it should look at all healthcare centres in the future so that we can detect problems early and perhaps prevent a number of diseases.” - Elisabeth, age 68.

The cost of a scan is SEK 2,000 (approximately €175), however, the service is fully booked at present and no longer accepting appointments.

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