New accelerator aims to connect Visegrad 4 innovators and Ukraine's tech ecosystem

A four-week accelerator by Wolves Summit will see 15 startups tackle internationalisation and critical missions in Ukraine, including rebuilding energy infrastructure and enabling citizens to recover mentally.
New accelerator aims to connect Visegrad 4 innovators and Ukraine's tech ecosystem

Wolves Summit, the CEE startup networking enabler that launched a new regional deep tech accelerator in December, is announcing another accelerator today to connect Ukraine's tech ecosystem to counterparts in the Visegrad 4 (V4) bloc.

The V4Region Up Innobooster programme helps Ukrainian businesses affected by the war relocate and supports V4 founders who hope to assist with Ukraine's reconstruction.

The accelerator will see 15 startups undergo four weeks of training, generating knowledge about internationalisation, fundraising and scaling up. Practical mentoring support will also be offered.

The programme is open to V4 and Ukraine-based enterprises that already possess a minimum viable product. Given the continued fallout from Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the accelerator will focus on "critical challenges" such as mental recovery, refugee education, energy infrastructure, clean means of rebuilding cities, and emergency room technologies.

Wolves Summit's Gergo Gulyas commented: "The war brought challenges to the tech scene and the society that we have never experienced before… We believe that innovation is more needed than ever to overcome them.

"Instead of working in silos, the current geopolitical situation requires to join forces and support ambitious founders who see opportunities where others see problems.”

A three-part seminar programme has also been established to educate stakeholders on specific opportunities in the Ukrainian market.

The first seminar will focus on the state of Ukrainian tech, followed by seminars covering potential business opportunities and the capacity for Visegrad 4 ecosystems to become involved.

At the accelerator's demo day in May, a discussion panel will offer insights and conversation about the future state of Ukraine's tech ecosystem. Founders will pitch to a jury and audience comprised of investors, corporates and tech enthusiasts, as part of Wolves Summit's 17th flagship in-person event in Wroclaw, Poland.

The new initiative is backed with grant money from Visegrad 4's regional cooperation fund, as well as correlating startup resources from four participating countries: from ISE Accelerator (Ukraine), Startup Campus (Hungary), Dex Innovation Centre (Czech Republic) and the organiser Wolves Summit (Poland.)

Visegrad 4, officially known as the Visegrad Group, is a multi-lateral and cultural alliance consisting of Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia's national governments, which cooperate on the EU/global stage to advance regional, cultural, and infrastructure interests.

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