Building remote workspaces powered by virtualised Nvidia vGPUs, UK-based IMSCAD teams with HP's Anyware unit

Powered by Nvidia vGPUs in the cloud, IMSCAD's remote collaboration platform is adding HP Anyware security to protect business intelligence using PC-over-IP streaming protocols.
Building remote workspaces powered by virtualised Nvidia vGPUs, UK-based IMSCAD teams with HP's Anyware unit

When it comes to remote collaboration, some customers may need software that can enable highly intricate graphics from the cloud. The UK-based graphics virtualisation cloud platform IMSCAD recently signed a contract with HP's digital workspace provider, HP Anyware, to upgrade its virtualised remote working tools that provide enriched graphics in streaming workflows.

IMSCAD's cloud platform utilises NVIDIA vGPU chipsets to execute graphically demanding interfaces via remote channels. It's linked to the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform wrapped up in a fully managed service for deploying graphical apps in virtualised Windows desktops.

An Nvidia marketing briefing shows the level of detail made possible by vGPU work clouds, using Google Earth mapping software as a baseline to share deeper visual insights leveraging the granularity of surface data.

Photo credit Nvidia

Following the partnership deal, users of IMSCAD's vGPU platform will be offered an additional subscription to access HP Anyware's streaming security protocol, leveraging PC-over-IP streaming to transmit desktop displays without the data actually leaving the customer's host network.

Additional data security and privacy is achieved using PCoIP's AES256-grade encryption, which adds cryptography to each and every image pixel streamed from the client's device.

Adam Jull, CEO of IMSCAD, commented: "We are excited about HP Anyware as it provides customers with a secured, high performance solution running on their existing workstations. One step before VDI and easy to use. Remote working done!’’

The PCoIP technology was invented in 2004. HP Anyware generally markets it through a single subscription, allowing customers to get ongoing support and to scale efficiently based on their organisation's need for remote desktops and workstations. IMSCAD customers will  be offered subscriptions with a minimum of five concurrent PCoIP connections, with further protocols payable as required.

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