Amadeus Capital Partners and APEX Ventures orchestrate deeptech support with joint €80 million fund

Cambridge-based Amadeus Capital Partners and Vienna-based APEX Ventures have struck a chord to support early-stage deeptech startups.
Amadeus Capital Partners and APEX Ventures orchestrate deeptech support with joint €80 million fund

Focusing predominantly on early-stage deeptech startups hailing from the DACH region, Amadeus Capital Partners and APEX Ventures have joined forces and have announced a first close at €28 million of a targeted €80 million.

Seed and Series A stage deeptech ventures with “unique and defendable technology” will see ticket sizes issued by the Amadeus Apex Technology fund will range from €1 million to €1.5 million.

Amadeus APEX Technology Fund - (L-R) Anne Glover (Amadeus), Andreas Riegler (APEX), Wolfgang Neubert (APEX), Hermann Hauser (Amadeus).

According to a statement issued by the joint venture, funds will be reserved for startups working in areas that include artificial intelligence and machine learning, quantum technologies and photonics, mobility and space innovation, and autonomous systems and robotics. The fund is also remaining open to investments in nascent technologies.

“Major technological breakthroughs are occurring at an accelerated pace with profound changes to our lives and society, and more talent is gravitating towards purpose-driven ideas,” commented Amadeus CEO and co-founder Anne Glover. “In the last couple of years, the world has seen significant breakthroughs in response to crises, and deep tech entrepreneurs have seen these crises as an opportunity. History repeatedly shows that the most successful ventures are born out of these times.”

The fund has already invested in OKAPI: Orbits, a TU Braunschweig spinoff that pools celestial data from radar, telescope, in-orbit sensors, and laser ranging data to provide a highly accurate picture of just what is floating high above our heads, where, and when.

“Today’s startups need more support from their investors, and deep tech businesses, in particular, must have investors that go beyond capital, sharing expertise and knowledge that supports the founders and team to grow,” stated APEX Founding Partner Andreas Riegler. “By combining our expertise with the Amadeus team in this fund, we hope to significantly impact the European deeptech ecosystem.”

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