Building the go-to-market CRM engine, London's Attio recharges with $23.5 million

Based in London and San Francisco, Attio believes an overhaul for legacy CRM architecture is overdue.
Building the go-to-market CRM engine, London's Attio recharges with $23.5 million

With its no-code CRM interface, London's Attio is attempting to address decades-old architecture without undermining actual business utility from the underlying customer data.

Recently the company raised $23.5 million in a Redpoint Ventures-led round also involving Balderton Capital and Point Nine, bringing its haul to $31.2 million with European and American investors on board.

CRM doesn't need introducing, advanced by market leaders Salesforce and others to roll up customer touchpoints from marketing, sales and feedback channels into a single, data-driven point-of-reference.

But it's no small change that Attio already has 2,000 customers to its name — Coca Cola and OpenAI, to name just two using the platform to manifest sales pipelines.

After booting up the product, a full global view of the business's relationships is created, using data from company emails and calendars, allowing teams to sort and filter that data in seconds.

The platform succinctly draws timelines of customer accounts, presented alongside intelligent insights based on "hundreds of extra data points."

Attio is marking the general release of its CRM system after 15 months or so in public and private beta.

Another of Attio's clients is the early stage startup Dopt, a Oakland, California provider of product onboarding software. Dopt's CEO, Alon Bartur, comments: "Attio is unlike any CRM we’ve ever encountered. It’s flexible, customisable and truly multiplayer.

”It has played a crucial role in helping us build and scale our go-to-market engine. From tackling sales pipelines to customer success, onboarding and everything in between, it constantly evolves with us as our business grows and has become an indispensable part of our technology stack.”

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