Reactional and Hipgnosis join forces to bring sweet music to the gaming world

The partnership will give gamers access to a large catalogue of hit song that react as they game
Reactional and Hipgnosis join forces to bring sweet music to the gaming world

Swedish start-up Reactional Music and London-based Hipgnosis Song Management have announced a partnership which will see gamers have access to a large catalogue of global number one hits, to personalise their gaming experience. 

The Reactional Music platform, which will go live this year,  allows any music to be brought into a game. ‘Reactional reacts to every movement in the game, making the music you love an integral part of the game you love.’ The Hipgnosis hook up ensures there is a decent catalogue of tunes and sees fair payments to artists for their work.  

“This partnership brings forward the day when gamers throughout the world can interactively enjoy their favourite songs while playing their favourite games – a step-change in the gamers’ enjoyment and experience. We’re delighted to be able to work with Reactional to help create something which will bring so much pleasure,” says Ted Cockle, Chief Music Officer, Hipgnosis Song Management. 

Hipgnosis Song Management manages 70,000 songs including artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fleetwood Mac, Justin Bieber, Journey, Mark Ronson, Blondie and Eurythmics. It claims it owns almost a quarter of the songs in Spotify’s Billions Club.

Hipgnosis was created to give the investment community access to - culturally important artists and to establish Songs as an uncorrelated asset class with attractive returns. Its ulterior motive is to - improve the Songwriter’s position in the economic equation.

“Right from the first conversation Hipgnosis understood what we are doing at Reactional Music. We have a shared vision around the importance of the artist and the creator, putting them at the centre of what we do, ensuring transparency as part of an ethical and equitable model that works for the artist, the games developer and the rights holder,” says David Knox, Reactional Music President. 

“The Hipgnosis catalogue is a formidable partner for Reactional. Its music and songs are the soundtrack to our lives.The intersection of games and music is incredibly exciting. Commercially it presents opportunities for both industries with in-game purchases; creatively it is compelling for artists, composers, and games developers to work more closely. And it’s not just new game releases. Reactional’s platform enables curation and personalisation of music in existing games franchises as part of a seasonal refresh,” he explains.

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