With a fresh €15 million in hand, edtech MentorShow wants to school you

The Parisian startup combines community, gaming, and entertainment to educate.
With a fresh €15 million in hand, edtech MentorShow wants to school you

Paris-based MentorShow has raised €15 million in new capital as it aims to consolidate its product while at the same time diversifying its offerings and ramp up international deployment plans. 

Backed by Left Lane Capital, Educapital, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, and a pool of angel investors including Laurent Ritter (Voodoo), Paul Lê (La Belle Vie), and Romain Raffard (Bergamotte), MentorShow has raised close to €20 million since its inception two years prior.

The Masterclass-esque approach is really nothing new, however, where MentorShow aims to stand apart from the crowd is through its learning-while-being-entertained mechanism.

“We believe that developing skills should be as exciting as watching a good show. Why do we reserve the high-definition cameras and celebrities for content that entertains us, not content that accomplishes us?” explained MentorShow co-founder Léo Dubert.

The platform covers a wide-ranging field of self-improvement topics including sports, cooking, management, well-being, and leadership, and features entertainers/mentors Karim Benzema, Boris Cyrulnik, Pierre Gagnaire, Christophe André, Pierre Hermé, Frédéric Mazzella and Marc Lévy. 

MentorShow reports that they’ve “attracted” over 500,000 individuals from France and Spain, with ARR growing at 6x year-over-year.

“In the post-COVID world, the desire for personal development has flourished and people are looking for new ways to explore their potential talents or develop their hidden passions,” commented Educapital’s Marie-Christine Levet. “At the intersection of learning, entertainment, and inspiration, Mentorshow’s courses fully meet this need.”

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