Helping companies roll out machine learning models faster, better, and stronger, Seldon raises $20 million

The London company bridges the gap between data science and DevOps teams and aims to get more accurate and safer ML models to market faster.
Helping companies roll out machine learning models faster, better, and stronger, Seldon raises $20 million

London-based Seldon has raised $20 million in a Series B round. According to the company, they intend to use the capital to “continue to pioneer a data-centric approach to AI”, all based on the organisation's four pillars: Enterprise-grade infrastructure that is robust, scalable, secure, unlocking the full value of data, streamlined collaboration across AI teams, and strong governance capabilities.

The $20 million Series B round was led by new investor, Portugal’s Bright Pixel (the Artist formerly known as Sonae IM) with existing investors AlbionVC, Cambridge Innovation Capital, and Amadeus Capital Partners participating.

The Seldon team.

The zeitgeist of AI seeping into just about every aspect of life, for better or for worse is omnipresent, and its implications will have far-reaching effects. Sensing its eventual arrival in 2014 Alex Housley founded Seldon with the aim of making it easier for companies to deploy ML models in real-world applications.

One of Seldon’s key features is its ability to manage and scale machine learning models in Kubernetes clusters. Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system that provides a platform for deploying, scaling, and managing containerized applications.

Seldon also provides a range of tools and frameworks to help data scientists and developers build ML models. It supports several popular ML frameworks, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Scikit-learn, and provides pre-built templates for common ML use cases, such as fraud detection and recommendation systems. Seldon also supports custom model serving and inference pipelines, allowing developers to build their own custom ML workflows.

The company counts PayPal, Johnson & Johnson, Audi, and Experian amongst its client base, and reports a 400% year-over-year growth rate since announcing a £7.1 million Series A round in November of 2020.

“AI is in everything, and Seldon is uniquely positioned to ensure a return on ML investment by providing robust, scalable and secure infrastructure, pioneering a data-centric approach to ML pipelines, prioritising team collaboration across the organization and making sure teams are able to solve meaningful problems at scale by building trust in machine learning, even under the most intense regulatory conditions,” commented Housley. “We’re excited to bring together new investor Bright Pixel Capital and our existing partners, who believe in our vision and can help us become the trusted MLOps partner of any organization worldwide."

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