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Unlocking the potential of iGaming businesses with GR8 Tech

iGaming is a growing field with vast business opportunities. One of the prerequisites for success as an iGaming operator is choosing the right solutions provider, able to combine great tech with great support.
Unlocking the potential of iGaming businesses with GR8 Tech

2022 was an astonishing year in the iGaming industry, which includes online betting and gambling. And there are no signs of its growth stopping in 2023, especially in Europe – the largest iGaming market in the world. Accounting for 49% of the global industry market, Europe has become a real iGaming hub, mainly due to the nature of the industry regulations and how certain governments approach the sector's growth. 

Industry experts predict many trends shaping the future of iGaming, including technological advancements such as using AR and VR to create immersive iGaming experiences. But regardless of what the next big thing will be for the industry, its value is expected to reach more than EUR 50B by 2027, signaling potential business opportunities to many.

While the iGaming industry doesn't lack good tech solutions – and B2B companies that are out providing them – not many solution providers can supply quality service support in addition to great tech. Fortunately, there is a company effortlessly combining the two – meet GR8 Tech.

Passionate and experienced team – the essence of growth

GR8 Tech is a B2B iGaming company providing technologies and services for iGaming operators worldwide. Behind the company stands a team of dedicated professionals ensuring that every business using GR8 Tech services receives all needed to scale up their operations and grow successfully. 

The iGaming company holds a deep understanding of both the B2C and B2B sides of the industry, leveraging insights gained from three decades of their clients' operational history. The team has tremendous experience in the iGaming industry and a true passion for helping to grow iGaming brands, which the company considers its main drive to provide great solutions and services for the industry. 

Asked about which businesses will most benefit from working with GR8 Tech, the company says that their offer is a fit for established iGaming operators looking to grow their businesses, as well as industry newcomers looking for professional support in expanding their operations into a new sector. 

Long-term partnerships over a short-lived buzz

Being a team with extensive experience in the betting industry, GR8 Tech knows the importance of offering long-term-oriented solutions to its clients to enable them to unlock the full potential of their iGaming businesses. Within the GR8 Tech solutions bundle, companies can find:

  • A platform with several modules, including the payment module, CMS, and anti-fraud,  for iGaming operators
  • Integration services for setting up the platform 
  • Operational support such as player retention, customer support, and more
  • Expertise-based consulting on iGaming business strategies

Moreover, GR8 Tech offers two types of such bundles – the iGaming Launch and the iGaming Upgrade solutions. They both include technical and service solutions that can ensure effective operations and growth of an iGaming business. 

The iGaming Launch solution is for existing industry operators seeking to enter new markets and investors who want to branch out into the iGaming industry. GR8 Tech's iGaming Upgrade, on the other hand, is for established iGaming sector players looking for highly-customizable solutions to be integrated into their existing ecosystem. In other words, this kit enables established iGaming operators to boost their business and concentrate on strategic development instead of worrying about day-to-day operations. 

Choose great tech and receive great support as well

While it's hard to predict the future of the global iGaming industry, one is clear – it will continue to grow and expand its horizons. Online is the new normal, and today is the best day to think about potential challenges that tomorrow may bring. 

There may be a lot of technology solution providers, but there aren't that many ready to share their industry expertise and truly help to scale and grow your iGaming business. GR8 Tech, however, is. So, take your chance to make a name for yourself in iGaming, and contact GR8 Tech to discuss your collaboration opportunities.

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