High-Tech Gründerfonds backs ATMOS Space Cargo in €4 million seed round

The German startup offers ‘microgravity on demand’ via its space capsules that are capable of safely returning any cargo from space.
High-Tech Gründerfonds backs ATMOS Space Cargo in €4 million seed round

Bavarian NewSpace startup ATMOS Space Cargo has raised €4 million in a seed funding round. The capital will allow the fledgling company to press on with its first demonstration flight scheduled for the end of 2024, during which it will return a microgravity experiment from low Earth orbit with its Phoenix return capsule.

ATMOS Space Cargo, not to be confused with the other more common moniker associated with Atmos, that of the surround sound technology developed by Dolby Laboratories, received €4 million in seed funding via High-Tech Gründerfonds and the Amadeus APEX Technology Fund, with Seraphim, E2MC, VENTIS, and another.vc participating.

Working in the microgravity-on-demand sector, ATMOS’ Phoenix capsules have been designed to operate in space anywhere between three hours to three months and like similar operators, open up opportunities for tremendous advancements in our understanding of how to get on with space. The company points to experiments including biomedical and material sciences research, In-Orbit Demonstration and Verification (IOD/IOV), and manufacturing products in space.

"What excites me about life sciences in space is that everyone on Earth can and will benefit from it. Solving this challenge requires leadership and the best team. I am proud to do this with the best co-founders I could wish for, backed by experienced advisors and world-class investors,” said ATMOS Space Cargo CEO and co-founder Sebastian Klaus. “We are highly focused now on flying to orbit and returning safely back to Earth before the end of next year. This funding will take us there.”

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