Atomico leads Dexory’s $19 million round as it keeps tabs on warehouses around the world

With its automated robots, Dexory says it can inventory a full warehouse in a matter of hours, 100x faster than any human.
Atomico leads Dexory’s $19 million round as it keeps tabs on warehouses around the world

London-based warehouse management solution Dexory has raised $19 million in a Series A funding round. The new supply of capital will be used to chain together a market expansion plan that includes the US, Central, and Northern Europe.

Led by Atomico, the Series A round also drew the participation of existing investors Lakestar, Kindred, Capnamic, and Maersk Growth.

While the live-at-the-office experiment changed a great number of things, how we do them, and the expectations we have about them, perhaps no other sector was affected as great as that of logistics. If the global supply chain wasn’t stressed enough, let’s toss in a war in Ukraine.

As with many a problem, we’ve seen many a solution emerge, each taking on one aspect at a time. In the case of a global supply chain, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, tracking, etc. have all seen suitable answers to their struggles, with Dexory taking on the issue of distribution. Specifically, what’s in the inventory in any given warehouse across multiple time zones, languages, and so on.

Much like what Verity is doing with its drones, Dexory offers customers including Maersk and Menzies Aviation fully autonomous robots and a healthy dose of AI to keep tabs on what’s what, where.

According to the company, its DexoryView offer can perform a full warehouse scan in just a matter of hours, around 100x faster than humans, leaving customers no longer waiting and wondering, but wise and working.

“For those operating warehouses, ensuring 100% fulfilment ‘in time, all the time’ is crucial to meeting the demands of the modern consumer. A critical component to achieving this is high stock accuracy, but staff shortages, manual processes, and the speed demanded by customers means that critical decisions across the supply chain are currently being taken blindly,” commented Dexory CEO and co-founder Andrei Danescu. “Technology that is autonomous, real-time, intuitive, and integrated can have a transformative effect on the everyday efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of a warehouse - and form an integral part of revamping businesses supply chain strategies”.

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