Easing Germans into a good night's sleep, sleep app eaze raises €1.7 million

Using cognitive behavioural therapy as a base for it's sleep coaching, eaze has already used its data-driven coaching on over 1000 paying customers
Easing Germans into a good night's sleep, sleep app eaze raises €1.7 million

Berlin-based health tech start-up eaze wants to make sure you get a good night’s sleep via its personalised sleep coaching app. Based on its theory that other apps are just not cutting the mustard when it comes to solving sleep issues long term, it is using the methods of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) - the app delivers a data-driven treatment online by qualified sleep experts, which it claims is ‘highly-scalable’.

The start-up has raised a €1.7 million Pre-seed funding round which was led by Redstone and EnjoyVenture Human Impact Fund and incudes Barmenia Next Strategies, APX and angel investors including Philipp Man and Anton Rummel.  

“The economic and health-related implications of sleep problems cannot be emphasised enough. The founding team at eaze has managed to develop a smart app that meets the demand for personalised coaching, while the intelligent tech stack in the background ensures impressive opportunities for scaling. With our Social Impact Fund, we invest in solutions to improve the well-being of the individual, thereby advancing our society at large. We are convinced that eaze has the potential to markedly improve the mental and physical health of its users in a sustainable and long-lasting way,” says Lucas Paul from Redstone.

To date the company says it has over 1000 paying customers using its sleep app.

“Productivity, mental well-being and long-term health are severely impacted for those suffering from sleep problems. Reduced productivity at work, combined with sick days caused by sleep problems, cost our economy and public health system more than €60 billion, according to the American think tank Rand Corporation,” says CEO Tim Seifferth, who founded the start-up with COO Timur Nohut and CPO Noah Nawara. 

“Barmenia insurance group has also recognised this issue. The single most effective treatment for sleep problems is targeting the psychological and behavioural root causes, which also means this is a long-term solution. Our smart solution means that every user gets hyper-personalised access to his or her own qualified sleep psychologist via an intelligent chat app,” he adds. 

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