Remote patient monitoring for cancer treatment: Entia raises £16M in Series A funding

London's Entia raises £16M to expand its at-home blood testing for cancer patients, aiming to streamline patient monitoring and improve treatment outcomes across the UK and, potentially, the US.
Remote patient monitoring for cancer treatment: Entia raises £16M in Series A funding

Offering at-home blood testing to individuals undergoing cancer treatment, London’s Entia has raised £16 million in a Series A funding round. The investment will provide the needed capital to rollout the company’s remote patient monitoring system across the UK as well as seek regulatory approval in the US.

The £16 million round was co-led by BGF, a vehicle established in 2011 to specifically address the shortage of funding available to Britain and Ireland’s small and mid-sized firms and Parkwalk as well as additional undisclosed investors.

Addressing the often time-consuming and costly monitoring of hospital out-patient appointments for patients as well as the ever-increasing pressures healthcare providers are under, Entia's flagship device, Liberty allows cancer patients a remote, at-home solution.
The regular monitoring of a patient’s health is an essential element of treatment, helping to detect problems such as neutropenia, one of the most common and costly side effects of cancer treatment. which reduces immune system function and makes cancer patients highly vulnerable to serious infections.

“Providing more care for people outside of hospital is not only beneficial for patients but is highly advantageous for healthcare providers,” commented Entia CEO and founder Dr. Toby Basey-Fisher. “Such an approach allows us to move routine health assessments out of healthcare centres and also drives a more preventative model of healthcare where problems are identified and addressed early on. This is about enhancing patient care by keeping people on treatment longer, reducing unplanned hospitalisations and ultimately improving survival outcomes.”

In addition to Parkwalk and Business Growth Fund (BGF), Entia's investors include Sussex Place Ventures, and Innovate UK, and has participated in Microsoft Accelerator London in 2017.

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