Nuada captures an additional £3.4 million from BGF to fund pilot plant in the UK

The UK-based climate tech 'vacuums' CO2 out of industrial emissions using its heatless and solvent-free technology
Nuada captures an additional £3.4 million from BGF to fund pilot plant in the UK

UK climate tech firm Nuada has added an additional £3.4 million to its funds in an extension to its £4.5m Series A round. The investment comes from BGF and funds will enable the build of a pilot plant at an energy-from-waste facility in the UK.

Combining advanced solid adsorbents (Metal Organic Frameworks or MOFs) with proven vacuum swing technology it 'vacuums' CO2 out of industrial emissions.

Already in the throes of deploying a plant in Northern Italy at Buzzi Unicem’s Monselice plant, the climate tech is supporting cement manufacturers with its ‘heatless’ and 'solvent-free' capture technology including Heidelberg Materials and Cementir Holding. 

“There is no Net Zero without carbon capture. However, incumbent solutions are notoriously costly and energy intensive. Investment from BGF will further catalyse the scale-up and deployment of our technology, ensuring we are primed to efficiently decarbonise heavy industries,” says Dr Conor Hamill, co-CEO of Nuada. 

“We are excited by the fact that the company’s technology is already being deployed by industry leaders in the cement sector and note that it is also applicable to other industries. We welcomed the opportunity to invest in and support a disruptive business that will make a meaningful contribution towards achieving net zero," says Rowan Bird from BGF. 

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