Italian startup BeDimensional raises €5M to scale advanced material production

BeDimensional, a Genoa-based startup specialising in graphene production, secures €5 million in funding to scale operations.
Italian startup BeDimensional raises €5M to scale advanced material production

BeDimensional, a Genoa-based deeptech startup specialising in producing graphene and other two-dimensional crystals consisting of a minimal number of atomic layers, has announced a fresh funding round totaling €5 million. The capital is expected to help the company scale industrial operations.

EUREKA! Venture led the round with CDP Venture Capital, NovaCapital, and Eni Next, the corporate venture capital arm of Italian multinational energy company Eni.

BeDimensional is a spin-out from the Graphene Labs of the Italian Institute of Technology and focuses on harnessing the commercial potential of two-dimensional (2D) materials with less than 10 atomic layers. One such material is boron nitride (BN) which can be used in the enhancement of thermal conductivity, mechanical strength enhancements, insulating, oxidation, and corrosion-resistant coatings, electrical circuits, water treatment, and hydrogen storage.

The company is currently applying these materials, including graphene, across three pivotal domains including coatings and multifunctional composites, energy, and lubricants.

In terms of the energy sector quotient, BeDimensional is also working with industry giants including VARTA in the battery sector and ENEL GP in the photovoltaic arena.

In total, the company boasts an expansive portfolio encompassing 12 patent families.

BeDimensional CEO Vittorio Pellegrini commented:

“In 2024, the world’s first industrial line capable of producing graphene and two-dimensional boron nitride on the scale of tonnes per year will be ready in our Genovese facility.

"The quality and prices of our 2D materials place us in a unique position in the emerging global market for 2D crystals whose value will grow significantly within the next five to seven years and will revolutionize many application areas where BeDimensional is already able to offer innovative solutions."

Lead image: Photo by Karsten Würth

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