Frenetic to open silicon valley office after $12M Series A round for magnetic components production

Madrid-based Frenetic raises $12 million in Series A funding round to expand its US presence.
Frenetic to open silicon valley office after $12M Series A round for magnetic components production

Madrid-based Frenetic has raised $12 million in a Series A round aimed at expanding its presence in the US market, specifically through a Silicon Valley office opening.

The company specialises in the simulation, design, and production of high-frequency magnetic components for any and all devices that require power. With its offer, Frenetic is essentially eliminating the industry’s age-old standard of trial and error when it comes to the crucial component of all power supplies, magnetics.

Plugging in

Given that the vast majority of our modern-day conveniences involve plugging something in, flipping a switch, or pressing a button or two, it should come as no surprise that the global magnetics market was valued at approximately $38.3 billion in 2022 and industry experts predict a heightened value of $49.3 billion within the next five years.

To give you a brief overview of where magnetics fit into the picture when it comes to electronics, without them, the particularly crucial action of converting AC to DC as well as power line filtering would not be possible.

Nine months to one week

Where Frenetic fits into the picture is through its offer that uses leading scientific techniques to science to design and produce magnetic components. 

According to the firm, the age-old technique of trial and error is a process that involves, well, error, and at present can take on average up to three-quarters of a year to achieve the desired outcome. With Frenetic’s solution, the outcome can be achieved with three times the accuracy, and slimming that nine-month timeline down to one week. 

To infinity and beyond

In addition to partnerships with terrestrial players including Novasonix, Bosch, and Sumida, Frenetics is also working with Thales Alenia Space, and has seen its magnetics solutions integrated into the International Space Station.

Frenetic founder and CEO Dr. Chema Molina shared:

“Frenetic has a big role to play in enabling designers and manufacturers to significantly shrink the time it takes to design a magnetic component and move into prototyping, manufacturing and go-to-market.

"This funding round enables us to scale into the US fast to support more customers while working on new products and solutions.”

Frenetic’s $12 million Series A round was led by Kibo Ventures, with existing investors 42Cap, Join Capital, Bankinter, Bonsai, and Big Sur participating in the round.

Lead image via Frenetic.

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