Hexa raises €20M, aims to launch 30 companies per year by 2030

“This might be the most significant announcement for us since the creation of eFounders.” - eFounders co-founder Quentin Nickmans.
Hexa raises €20M, aims to launch 30 companies per year by 2030

Back in 2011, Paris-based eFounders brought forth a novel approach to entrepreneurship, that of a startup studio. Not quite an accelerator, not quite an incubator, rather, the eFounders model is one centered around building companies in parallel and as a team.

This unique approach struck a chord, particularly in the B2B software sector, and paved the way for the launch of over 40 companies including household names such as Front, Aircall, Spendesk, Swan, and Yousign

However, in 2022 eFounders founders Amaury Sepulchre, Quentin Nickmans, and Thibaud Elziere decided it was time to expand the scope of its model and created the fintech-focused studio Logic Founders and web3-focused outfit 3founders. The triumvirate would all operate under a holding company to be known as Hexa.

€20 million

Having raised approximately €5.5 million in 2015 and an additional €5 million in late 2016, today, Hexa has announced a significant milestone in the company’s history with the raise of €20 million. 

In an email to Tech.eu Nickmans shared: 

“This might be the most significant announcement for us since the creation of eFounders.”

The influx of capital was received from entrepreneurs, including Hexa alums such as Luc Pallavidino (Yousign), Adrien Van Den Branden (Canyon), Paul Vidal (Collective), Arnaud Schwartz (Marble), and a number of family offices. 

30 by 30

With Hexa responsible for the launch of some 40 companies over the past 12 years, now armed with a significantly larger purse, the organisation is setting an ambitious goal — one that aims to launch 30 companies per year by 2030.

In order to achieve this goal, Hexa says that it plans to add healthtech and AI verticals to its studio lineup soon and is investigating further avenues that include climate, education, proptech, agritech, and cybersecurity.

Hexa by the numbers.
Hexa by the numbers.

According to Hexa, today, the organisation’s total portfolio valuation hovers around $4.5 billion and accounts for $277 million in ARR.

The Crystal Factory

La Cristallerie. Photo: uncredited.
La Cristallerie. Photo: uncredited.

In a move to further support Hexa’s operational capacity, a portion of the new capital has been earmarked to support the move to a new office location dubbed La Cristallerie.

Hexa founding partner Thibaud Elziere shared:

“Designing one's own office space is the dream of any entrepreneur. After 20 years, I'm thrilled to realise this with La Cristallerie. More than just an office, La Cristallerie is set to become a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in Paris. 

It will not only host public events focusing on entrepreneurship, impact, and creativity but will also serve as a meeting ground for the local and international tech community.”

Lead image: the Hexa team. Photo: Uncredited.

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