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Gamification's out, “Motivational Engineering” is in, and iGaming is leading the way

Gamification is out, “Motivational Engineering” is the new kid on the block. Soft2Bet shares its approach to improving customer lifetime value by upgrading their gamification processes with a modern tech stack.
Gamification's out, “Motivational Engineering” is in, and iGaming is leading the way

“Gamification” was the “AI” of the 2010s. If you were a startup, you were thinking about how to gamify your platform to increase engagement. A decade later, many gamification systems are still based on the same, legacy technologies. 

Soft2Bet, a leading provider of online betting and gaming solutions, blends a traditional iGaming experience with social gameplay niches like mobile casual games, consoles, and real-time skill gaming. Soft2Bet calls this technology Motivational Engineering or, to be more precise, Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA). And with it, it has been able to drive a significant increase in key metrics:  

  • 45 percent increase in average revenue per user, 
  • 65 percent increase in gross gaming revenue, 
  • 40 percent increase in profits, 
  • 60 percent increase in player participation, and player screen time increased by 3x. 

Soft2Bet has achieved this by building a tech stack that delivers gamification features and helps gaming companies stand out in the saturated iGaming industry. Here's how.

Data driving decisions 

As the saying goes, “what gets measured, gets managed”. And Soft2Bet operates by this mantra. 

The first step before considering any changes to the tech stack is collecting data. The tech and data teams start with assessing their goals and work closely with the product and marketing teams to define clear and measurable objectives. These goals could include increasing player engagement, enhancing loyalty or driving specific player behaviors.

“Data is instrumental in guiding our technology customisation efforts. We leverage data analytics to gain deep insights into player behavior, preferences, and pain points. This data-driven approach helps us identify areas where gamification can have the most significant impact,” says Uri Poliavich, Founder and CEO of Soft2Bet.

Another dataset comes from A/B testing of gamification strategies, which are then implemented based on performance. This iterative approach makes it possible to fine-tune and optimise gamification elements based on real player feedback and behavior.

Modular systems for flexible and scalable growth

We live in a fast-paced, rapidly changing world. Customer interests and requirements evolve at an unpredictable speed. To meet this need, Soft2Bet has built its technology stack on a flexible and scalable architecture. Add features at will or take others away, all without having to revamp the system. 


“This flexibility allows us to integrate gamification features seamlessly into our existing systems without disrupting the player experience. It also enables us to adapt quickly to changing gamification strategies,” says Uri Poliavich, Founder and CEO of Soft2Bet.

Having a flexible system that can grow quickly is key to being able to keep up with user preferences or industry trends. It's also crucial if you're tweaking the products based on the data collected (aka, if you're following the first tip of the article).

In the case of Soft2Bet, they use modular architecture to implement new gamification tools, such as points systems, leaderboards, achievements, and personalised rewards.

“By selecting and customising the right tools for specific objectives, we can create engaging gamified experiences.” – says Uri Poliavich, Founder and CEO of Soft2Bet.

Personalisation through AI

The ultimate method for improving user LTV is through personalising their experience to suit their preferences. In order to automate the process of personalisation, Soft2Bet has implemented various emerging technologies to collect behavioral data, learn quickly, and adapt the iGaming experience accordingly. 

“Our technology stack includes AI and machine learning capabilities that enable us to deliver personalied gamification elements to individual players. This ensures that the gamified experience resonates with each player on a personal level.”Uri Poliavich, Founder & CEO of Soft2Bet

By harnessing AI, Soft2Bet has created several personalised user experiences. To name a few:

  • Bonus Crab – a real-time claw machine turning toy prizes into bonuses
  • Betinia stadiums that intertwine sports engagement with city-specific gamification elements
  • City Builder, Soft2Bet’s top solution that combines a Roman city building with an online casino experience.

However, while emerging technologies are fun in theory, their implementation is subject to regulation. This is something Soft2Bet keeps a keen eye on. 

“Ensuring that our gamification features comply with regulatory requirements is a top priority. We integrate robust security measures into our technology stack to protect player data and maintain a fair and secure gaming environment”, says Uri Poliavich, Founder and CEO of Soft2Bet.

Collaboration and pan-European growth opportunities

In addition to data, architecture, and personalisation, Soft2Bet emphasises the importance of organisation-wide collaboration. They invite developers, designers, data scientists, and product managers to jointly consider the user experience. 

This holistic approach to gamification and product development leads to what Soft2Bet hopes is a standout experience to keep users coming back. The data speaks for itself — with a 40 percent increase in revenue, you can see why they insist on sticking to their approach. 

What's more, Soft2Bet is eyeing an unconventional business model in the iGaming space — developing a B2B model. Soft2Bet’s recent acquisition of B2B licenses across Europe makes it possible to share its product and tech stack with other companies to help drive their growth.

“Brands in Europe can adopt Soft2Bet’s innovative top-notch technology, high-quality user-friendly platform, and revenue-driving gamification technology, to build a large presence in regulated markets without needing the technological expertise to develop an entire platform themselves.” – Uri Poliavich, Founder and CEO of Soft2Bet

Soft2Bet is licensed in Greece, Sweden, Ireland, Malta, Denmark, Romania, and Italy and is going through the licensing process in Germany and Portugal and in North America in the US state of New Jersey and in the Canadian province of Ontario.

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