Rototip secures €1M to expand manufacturing solutions

Rototip, secures €1 million to expand its near-shoring manufacturing solutions for European and North American companies, challenging China's dominance in the sector.
Rototip secures €1M to expand manufacturing solutions

Following major disruptions to long-established supply chains and squarely taking aim at China’s dominance in the sector, Rototip, an Amsterdam-based manufacturing startup with an affiliate based in Ankara, has secured €1 million in a financing round that will see the firm expand its near-shoring solutions for European and North American companies.

The startup's inaugural funding round was led by Amsterdam’s ACT Venture Partners and included the participation of Joerg Rheinboldt’s Heartfelt, and Istanbul-based APY Ventures.

According to Rototip CEO and co-founder Galip Okan Ozturk, although the vast majority of mentions of the company point to being Ankara-based, "We just did the share exchange and all in the last 2 weeks" and the company now has two registered entities in the Netherlands, Rototip Europe and Rototip International, the later acting as a holding company.

The dawn of a new millennium saw China establish global dominance when it comes to Western companies looking to offshore manufacturing processes. However, over the past few years, we’ve seen major disruptions to supply chains, compounded by an increasingly tense geopolitical landscape, companies both large and small are looking for ways to diversify their supply chains and mitigate the risks involved in offshoring. 

While onshoring solutions may remain cost-prohibitive, or in some cases unavailable due to labour shortages, strategically located Rototip is offering a solution that brings the manufacturing processes closer to home for European and North American companies.

Given the country’s unique geographic position, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Turkish company seeking to bridge the divide between Asia and Europe, as evidenced by Istanbul-based FBA aggregator RubiBrands, whose play is to ultimately position Türkiye as a central logistics hub.

The Rototip team.
The Rototip team.

Founded in late 2021, Rototip says its platform stands out in the manufacturing landscape, actively managing the entire manufacturing process, offering customers mechanical parts made out of metal or thermoplastics using CNC machining, laser-cutting, injection moulding, die casting, welding, as well as assembly services.

The startup prides itself on stringent quality control checks alongside customer satisfaction, a process that’s seen the onboarding of some 500+ customers across 18 countries and produced a consistent 6 per cent month-over-month growth rate.

Rototip CEO Galip Okan Ozturk shared:

"There is a phenomenal opportunity in the manufacturing market as offshoring is not a solution anymore and local manufacturing networks do not exist. 

“A need for cutting-edge software cannot be denied. We have a strong foundation.

“Our customers exhibit remarkable loyalty, we attract top-tier talent, and our investment round has generated overwhelming interest. We observe a significant market shift as customers increasingly prioritise reliability in delivery schedules and consistency in quality—two aspects in which we excel.”

Managing the fund of one of the largest industrial zones in Türkiye, APY Ventures’ Partner Mustafa Keceli commented:

“Rototip’s traction is a testament to its rising popularity in global markets.

“The team is formed by founders with diverse functional backgrounds, enabling them to swiftly accelerate growth. We strongly believe in Rototip connecting bridges between buyers and sellers through their proprietary technology.”

Lead image via Rototip.

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