Tomorrow Things raises €1.5M for AI-driven digital twins

The blueprint technology supports plug-and-produce and drives interoperability, allowing seamless integration of third-party applications on top of digitalised assets.
Tomorrow Things raises €1.5M for AI-driven digital twins

AI start-up Tomorrow Things has secured €1.5 million in funding to continue the development of an AI-powered Operating System for machines on the internet. Tomorrow Things is an intelligent automation platform that creates digital twins of technical assets.

 This allows them to optimise production lines, predict potential issues, and make informed decisions without impacting real-world operations. 

Digital twins collect and analyse data from sensors, machinery, and other sources, offering real-time virtual replicas that provide valuable insights into performance, efficiency, and potential problems. This data empowers manufacturers to make data-driven decisions rather than relying on intuition or guesswork.

Open-source integration tools are already being used widely today. However, onboarding a machine’s interface is time-consuming, complex, and cost-intensive.

But with Tomorrow Things, these manual machine onboardings are being automated and standardized via machine blueprints – comparable to a fingerprint – used to build a digital twin with just one click. 

The blueprint technology supports plug-and-produce and drives interoperability within the entire ecosystem. It allows for seamless integration of third-party applications on top of digitalised assets.

Furthermore, Tomorrow Things' solution is up to 90 per cent cheaper than existing alternatives. 

CEO and co-founder of Tomorrow Things, Oliver Habisch, shared that he and his team are “developing the operating system for machines on the Internet.” 

“We are the AppStore for asset blueprints supporting easy onboardings and third-party AI services on top of digitalised assets to make the world more sustainable and efficient.”

Third-party providers will connect to the OS and make their own AI applications available in an AppStore that drives business outcomes for onboarded assets, ultimately unlocking as-of-yet untapped value for end-customers. 

Tomorrow Things enables secure bidirectional data transfer between machines and internet applications. AI-driven control strategies can be created centrally by value-add partners and operated on the edge to execute optimised setpoints in the machine interface that achieve better results.

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and neoteq ventures led the funding which was supported by Notion Capital, solo GP Robin Capital, and a number of business angels specializing in fundraising, marketing, and B2B SaaS (Christian Noske, Maximilian Eichler, Thomas Lang, Thomas Hollwedel, and Markus Doetsch). 

Speaking about the investment, Johannes Dierkes, Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds, said:

 “Significant costs for system integrators and complex service operations on cloud infrastructures are slowing down digitalisation. 

Tomorrow Things is a sales and integration accelerator that is opening up exciting new opportunities across the IoT ecosystem. 

The founding team has unique experience building twins and knows how to enhance data quality to make AI fly.”

Lead image: Tomorrow Things. Photo: uncredited. 

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