Nordic Bioproducts Group enters partnership to kickstart biodegradable plastic adoption

The partnership allows both companies to share established prototypes in an attempt to create more robust bioplastics.
Nordic Bioproducts Group enters partnership to kickstart biodegradable plastic adoption

Finnish Nordic Bioproducts Group (NBG) has partnered with leading bioplastics producer PTT MCC Biochem Co. Ltd to combine their expertise and advance development of high-performance, compostable bioplastics products.

Both companies hope the partnership will help to expedite the adoption of bioplastics to manufacture single-use items like coffee capsules - displacing traditional plastics.

The Nordic biomaterial startup — known for releasing the plant based textile fibre AaltoCell — has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Bangkok-based TT MCC Biochem Company Limited. This agreement allows PTT MCC to utilise Nordic Bioproducts Group’s cellulosic fibers as an ingredient in its bioplastic product, BioPBS.

One reason that NPG strayed so far from home for its partner is Thailand’s status as a global leader in bioplastics production, with the local government supporting many initiatives helping the world move from plastics to biodegradable bioplastics.

The joint development project is focused on creating next-generation bioplastics, specifically new grades of BioPBS (Bio-Polybutylene succinate) that leverage Nordic Bioproduct Group's biomaterial expertise and integrate its advanced cellulosic materials, such as its sustainable activated cellulose fibers. The cellulose can serve as a key component in the manufacturing process of bioplastics, effectively replacing petroleum-derived substances.

The project's target is to produce bioplastic materials that not only boost home compostability and biodegradability but also deliver advanced properties and performance, enabling entry into new markets dominated by petroleum-based plastic products.

NBG’s activated cellulose fibers meet strict food container safety regulations, having been derived from clean water and FSC-certified, traceable, sustainably managed forests in Finland.

“The collaboration represents a significant step forward in the green transition through innovative, high- performance, and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional plastics.” said Olli Kähkönen, NBG’s CEO and co-founder. “Bringing high-quality and competitive solutions to the market is key to making alternatives to plastic attractive and scalable."

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