GenAI startup mika lands €800k for automated accounting

mika is a participant of Earlybird's Vision Lab, a program for founders in Germany of migrant origins.
GenAI startup mika lands €800k for automated accounting

mika, a Berlin-based generative AI startup, has just raised €800k in pre-seed funding. The investment will be used to automate accounting and tax filings for SMEs, alleviating the burden of bureaucratic challenges.

The investment round was led by Samen Slimmer, an alliance composed of Keen Venture Partners, DFF, and Slimmer AI. mika builds generative AI-powered models to handle accounting tasks, tax filings, and financial advice.

In its earliest phase, mika was supported by founding investors Christian Gaiser, Alexander Lorenz, and Fabian Wittleben, who played a crucial role in the initial development of the startup.

As part of mika’s development, the company has been a participating startup in Earlybird Venture Capital’s Vision Lab, a program for founders in Germany of migrant origins.

Small businesses struggle with complex accounting, tax filings, and financial planning. A recent study by INSM found that 90% of businesses in Germany see bureaucracy as a major burden; mika aims to alleviate that as an initial step. The company has plans to serve more of Europe later, since similar problems exist in neighbouring countries, as evidenced by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor's findings.

"Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, yet they're drowning in bureaucracy—overcharged, underserved, and lost in paperwork," said Agnieszka M. Walorska, CEO and Founder of mika. "Having bootstrapped my first business as a migrant with no network, I know these challenges firsthand; that’s why I’m building mika. Imagine having a CFO-level AI in your pocket, handling all the financial complexities so you can focus on your passion. That's mika.”

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