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Every article you read on tech.eu was written by its editorial staff, which includes a number of freelance reporters as well as our co-founders, with the exception of selected posts from guest contributors. Like any self-respecting publication, we take great care in ensuring that guest posts are non-promotional, on point and highly relevant to our audience.

Occasionally, tech.eu will also write and publish articles that were supported financially by other organisations. Much like guest posts, we will go to great lengths to make sure the content isn’t strictly promotional and relevant for our readers – you will never find any advertorials on tech.eu. On top of that, we will indicate, as clearly as possible, when a given article is sponsored so there is never any doubt. You can find an example here.

To learn more about sponsored posts on tech.eu, or other ways you can advertise or partner with us, please contact our COO Helen Walsh at your earliest convenience. For any other questions or comments about us and our work, use this contact form.