3D Hubs launches COVID-19 Manufacturing Fund to facilitate production of medical equipment

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3D Hubs, the Dutch on-demand manufacturing platform, has launched a new COVID-19 manufacturing fund to ensure necessary medical equipment is still produced as supply chains dry up due to the pandemic.

With the global call to support medical personnel, non-profit initiatives have sprung up to help produce key equipment, such as protective masks or ventilator parts. With this new fund, 3DHubs wants to connect these initiatives with the necessary capital as well as the manufacturing capacity.

“Thousands of designers and engineers around the world are stepping up to design parts for life-saving applications. We want to make sure these parts reach those in need as soon as possible. By launching this fund, and committing our global manufacturing capacity, we’re accelerating these initiatives as fast as we can,” said Brian Garret, co-founder of the Amsterdam-based company.

One day after launch, the fund had raised $18,000 and begun processing orders for thousands of face shields from Prusa, a Prague-based 3D printing company.

Other projects underway include a partnership with Make4Covid and The University of Denver to manufacture up to 10,000 protective face shields for hospitals in Denver, and also with Project Open Air, to work on ventilator splitters to increase the capacity of existing ventilators.

Beyond 3D printing, the manufacturing technologies include injection molding and CNC machining.

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