French startup Agicap, creator of a SaaS tool for cash flow management, has raised €15 million in a round led by Partech, just seven months after BlackFin Capital Partners led the company’s €2.4 million seed round. BlackFin and Kima Ventures invested again.

Agicap offers a real-time view of a business’ cash flow by integrating bank account data with that from accounting and factoring tools, CRMs, ERPs, and POS systems. The company has developed a proprietary technology that classifies inbound and outbound cash flows and generates base forecasts, which can then be customised.

“Our goal is really to create a tool for running a business using cash flow data. This is very different from how SMBs tend to operate today,” says Sébastien Beyet, CEO of Agicap.

Marketed as a tool for SMBs, the French SaaS serves independently owned businesses and franchises such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Ibis, Mont Blanc, and Best Western, plus VC-backed startups such as Cityscoot and Ornikar. According to a press release, about 2,000 customers use the tool so far, which will grow as the company invests the new funding into its sales team. Along with adding new product features, Agicap plans to grow from 30 to 100 employees over the next year.

Photo: The Agicap team

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