AimBrain raises £4 million for its biometric authentication platform

Biometric ID platform AimBrain has raised £4 million led by BGF Ventures. The Series A round included Episode1, Entrepreneur First, and angel investors, Simon Rozas, Chris Mairs, and Charles Songhurst.

AimBrain’s “biometric identity as a service” platform uses deep learning to track users’ behavioural biometrics such as typing speed, hand movements, touch pressures as well as face and voice recognition. Use cases include behavioural biometrics in an app, voice recognition in call centres, and facial recognition at ATMs.

Currently the company is targeting the finance sector to help institutions identify customers and reduce fraud but AimBrain has aspirations beyond finance where users need to be accurately authenticated.

“We know that financial institutions have a big problem with fraud prevention - and customers are not getting the best experience. That's why we built a platform that uses behavioural, facial and voice data to identify customers accurately, quickly and securely,” said Andrius Sutas, cofounder of the London-based company.

The multi-pronged approach to biometrics will yield greater accuracy, he explained.

“No single biometric is good enough in itself,” added Sutas. “To mitigate as much risk as possible, you need a platform approach. In both testing and live production, our technology has consistently outperformed the market, even on a single module.”

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