Amsterdam-based sales chatbot startup Maxwell raises €400,000

Dutch chatbot startup Maxwell has secured €400,000 in funding from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and River Venture Partners.

Maxwell has developed a messenger marketing platform for Shopify-based online stores that includes several steps, from cart reminder and checkout to review and activation of the customer. It works on Facebook Messenger, and the startup plans to add WhatsApp and Instagram later this year.

“Shoppers don’t really want to chit-chat with chatbots and their value in addressing complex customer service issues is limited,” says co-founder Asbjørn Jørgensen. “We realised very quickly that our focus should be on re-engaging customers and boosting sales.”

Jørgensen bootstrapped the startup while providing custom Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chatbot services to large brands, including Hellofresh, Catawiki,, and Dutch Railways. This generated the first €200,000 in revenue, which went into the development of the platform.

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