Amsterdam-based SEGRON raises €4.5 million to expand automation services

Amsterdam-based SEGRON has raised €4.5 million, now bringing their total capital raised to €10 million.

The round was led by OTB Ventures and Credo, and is expected to fuel international expansion and the entry to new industry verticals.

“SEGRON is rapidly expanding with a strategy that addresses the needs of companies at the forefront of digital transformation, accelerated by Covid-19. New industries are adopting automated testing at pace, to quickly respond to fast-evolving consumer expectations and the increased technological complexity of the digital ecosystem,” says co-founder and Managing Partner at OTB Ventures Marcin Hejka. “SEGRON is a great example of first-class European software, enhancing the online experience of consumers and businesses around the world.”

The global pandemic has driven significant demand for automation services. According to Global Market Insights, automated testing expected to grow at 15% CAGR between 2020 and 2026, presenting an estimated global market value of $35 billion. 

Telecoms operators including Telefonica, The T-Mobile Group, and Swisscom are all racing at breakneck speed to meet customer expectations and rollout next-generation 5G and IoT services, all of which require strenuous amounts of automated testing, an area which has been SEGRON’s primary focus.

SEGRON’s ATF interface

Delivering on their promise and establishing a successful track record, SEGRON is now looking beyond their continental borders and has already inked an agreement with a Canadian telecoms operator. Additionally, this round of funding will also see the company looking eastward to the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific region.

And while the telecom industry might be the current bread-and-butter, automated testing has a wide range of applications, particularly within the automotive industry. SEGRON’s recent appointments of Jean-Philippe Leloup (formerly of Ferrari/Maserati) as Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Rita D’Agostino (formerly of Fiat Chrysler, Kia, and Maserati) as Chief Marketing Officer signal a strong move intention to transfer this experience into cars. Wireless connectivity plays a key factor in the auto of tomorrow, with everything from automated robotic assembly lines to self-driving cars all requiring vast amounts of bandwidth and low latency services; All of which need continuous and fully automated testing.

“This is an important milestone for SEGRON as we enable some of the world’s greatest innovators to rise to the industrial-scale challenges and opportunities emerging in the past 12 months. Our automated solutions help companies to improve their end customer’s experience, increase productivity and improve speed-to-market for new products and services,” comments SEGRON founder and CEO Thomas Groissenberger.

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