Barcelona’s TravelPerk makes another acquisition: travel sustainability consultancy firm Susterra

TravelPerk, the Spanish company that has grown into a global travel management platform, today announced yet another acquisition, after buying NexTravel and Click Travel earlier this year.

The company has purchased a London, UK-based corporate travel sustainability consultancy firm called Susterra, which uses data analytics technology to “offer companies a holistic view of their entire business travel-related environmental impact”.

Basically, Susterra helps companies do business travel – which is not going away any time soon, despite the pandemic and its aftermath – in a more eco-friendly way, in a time where this has become a lot more top-of-mind for many business travellers (and their bosses).

TravelPerk already has a sustainability offering called GreenPerk, which allows companies to offset 100% of their carbon emissions. Susterra’s technology will be integrated into the platform in the coming months, TravelPerk says.

Its founder, environmental scientist James Dent, will join the Spanish traveltech firm’s team as an ESG Sustainability Data Analyst. He says:

“Increasingly, businesses do want to take the right steps to reduce their carbon footprint, but they are unsure of what actions they can take to make a positive impact. Business travel is of course a significant part of this so I created Susterra to help employers make the right decisions with confidence.”

TravelPerk raised $160 million in Series D funding back in May.

Financial terms of this acquisition deal were not disclosed.

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