Cofenster, a Hamburg-based SaaS tool that enables automated video production from a smartphone, has closed a €1.5 million seed funding round with early-stage VC Capnamic Ventures.

Cofenster is largely used in-house at enterprise companies. The app enables employees to produce high-quality corporate videos automatically, and in the company’s branding, via their own smartphones. Teams at Beiersdorf, Microsoft, Stada and Carlsberg are using it for internal communications, human resources and product communications.

“Every employee now carries a 4K camera in their pocket. Despite this, large companies pay agencies and service providers several thousand euros to produce a single internal video. We’re changing that,” says Tom Vollmer, the startup’s CEO and co-founder.

The app engages more than the camera. To-do lists and storyboards can be sent to team members or external partners and the progress of the project can be checked in the dashboard. After all employees have recorded the videos they need for the project, cofenster automatically renders and edits the video, implements subtitles and music if required, and adds corporate identity elements.

With the fresh funding, the German startup will expand its sales and product teams, growing from the current 8 employees to about 25 or 30 by the end of this year.

Photo: Co-founders Oliver Wegner (CPO), Tom Vollmer (CEO) and Finn Frotscher (CTO)

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