US trademark and brand protection company Corsearch has acquired TrademarkNow, a Finnish startup that’s developed an AI-based trademark search and watch platform. Details of the deal were not disclosed.

Once integrated into Corsearch’s offering, the joint platform will offer ‘trademark screening, searching, watching, and protection’ to corporations, brand agencies and law firms.

Commenting on the deal, Mikael Kolehmainen, the Nordic company’s CEO and co-founder, said: “TrademarkNow’s mission to provide fast, comprehensive trademark search and watch services requires investment and strategic partnerships with the brightest minds. Coming together with Corsearch means that together we can transform the work of trademark professionals by providing reliable data in a secure, structured, and easy-to-use way.”

Founded in Helsinki in 2012, the legal tech startup raised €3 million in funding about three years ago and has since opened an office in New York City, where Corsearch is also based. The legacy company started back in 1949 and claims that of Fortune’s Top 100 Brands, 77 are Corsearch customers.

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