Data and privacy control companies, based in London, and Personal, from Washington DC, have announced a merger and will continue to operate under the name. No terms were disclosed.

The combined company will be headquartered in London with an office in Washington DC. Both companies develop tools for users to understand their personal data and how it's used, such as social media or financial data, and encourage better privacy practices. Personal’s enterprise product TeamData will be spun off as its own company for business customers.

“We have each built complementary infrastructure and products necessary for individuals to easily aggregate and share data whilst maintaining its security and privacy,” said Julian Ranger, chairman of “It’s a win-win for individuals and for companies who embrace this model of transparency and trust.”

Personal CEO Shane Green will continue as CEO of’s US operations. “In a world of rapidly expanding artificial intelligence, analytics and personalized experiences, it is critical that we as individuals have the tools and rules to ensure our interests are also served by our data,” he commented. has raised over $10 million in funding from investors including the Omidyar Network and SwissRe while Personal has over $16 million investment to date.

“People assume there is a fundamental trade-off between sharing data and privacy, with Americans historically favouring sharing and Europeans favouring privacy” added Rory Donnelly, CEO of “That no longer has to be the case when the individual controls much of the critical data about them and their lives. We are delivering the exact permission-based technology solution regulators and CEOs have been seeking.”

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