Paris and San Francisco-based Dreem has scored a €31 million funding round from healthcare juggernaut Johnson & Johnson, Bpifrance and its early backers, bringing total raised to €53 million (first reported by Maddyness).

Dreem boasts a team of 70+ sleep researchers, engineers and other smart people to combine neuro-science with advanted tech and help you, essentially, sleep better.

The company offers a lightweight (120 g) headband+application that measure brain activity through EEG, respiratory rate, as well as heart rate by means of sensors located on the headband. Dreem also has bone induction sound, which lets it communicate with you without disturbing others, orchestrating background sound in step with your body to help lull you to sleep and remain in deep sleep longer.

Writes co-founder and CEO Hugo Mercier:

Mercier founded the company behind Dreem (called Rythm) in 2014 through French engineering school L'École polytechnique, eventually joining several other neuroscientists with research teams across Paris to devise a way to stimulate the brain during sleep in order to increase sleep quality.

The fresh funding will enable him to pursue his dreams (sorry) even more intensively.

In addition to the extra cash, Dreem is announcing that it is adding Pr. Russell Foster (Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology Director) and Dr. Raphael Heinzer (Lausanne CIRS Director) to its scientific advisory board.

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