Swedish mobility company Einride has launched a range of sustainable, self-driving Autonomous Electric Transport (AET) vehicles, with some models available on the global market for the first time.

This series of vehicles, ranging from AET 1 to AET 4, has been designed and developed for SAE level 4 self-driving. Described as the next generation of the Stockholm company’s electric and self-driving ‘Pod’, the AET can reportedly reduce transport costs by up to 60 percent and CO2 emissions by a staggering 90 percent.

Wishful buyers can pre-order AET 1 and 2, which are suitable for closed fenced facilities, harbours and public roads. The AET 3 and 4, not available until 2023, have high-speed functionality suited to long-distance highways and larger warehouses.

Founded in 2016, Einride has developed other vehicles in its mission to transform freight transport. Replacing diesel with electricity and emitting no greenhouse gases or toxic nitrogen oxides, the Pod is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional trucks. It’s also deemed a safe alternative. Equipped with cameras, lidars and radars, it has 360-degree awareness of its surroundings, removing the need for a driver and resulting in no blind spots, no dead angles. 

The launch comes one week after the company raised an additional $10 million and a year after a $25 million Series A round.

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