As schools close around the world, Estonia offers edtech solutions for free


As the Corona pandemic closes schools and moves learning online, Estonia is making digital education tools available for free and internationally accessible.

Estonia’s basic education is recognised as some of the strongest in the world. In 2018 the country ranked first in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). The country is also recognised for its digitised government services.

With a burgeoning tech scene and a cluster of edtech startups, an initiative has formed to release tools that support distance learning or help education institutions work remotely. The initiative is supported by Startup Estonia and co-organized with the Ministry of Education and Research, Estonian Union of Educational Technologists, Good Deed Education Fund, Innove, HITSA, and Education Nation.

The digital services are typically co-created between schools, universities, and companies.  

“A number of tools are prepared for international usage and the companies developing those tools have also kindly agreed to support other countries in need. The aim of this initiative is to support distance learning and work in the education sector during this time of crisis,” explained Märt Aro, co-founder of the European EdTech Alliance

So far companies like 99math, Lingvist, Clanbeat,, ALPA Kids, and DreamApply have joined the initiative and are offering their tools for free. A complete list of internationally-accessible solutions that have joined is available and will be updated over time:

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