Fairphone scores €9 million in crowdfunding as pre-orders for its ‘ethical smartphone’ soar


Fairphone, the Amsterdam-based social enterprise that has set out to bring to market the most ethical smartphone on the planet, has quite a loyal fan base, it appears.

A crowd-funding campaign has resulted in close to 17,500 people pre-ordering its 'Fairphone 2' - check out The Verge's take on it - in two months, generating €9 million that will enable the organisation to "kick-start production and continue investing in social impact projects" while remaining totally independent from external investors.

To offer greater insight into its business model, Fairphone recently published a handy cost breakdown to reveal what buyers are supporting when they order their smartphone (for an average price of €525, VAT included). The phone was designed, according to the organisation, to further its ambitions for what it calls 'fair electronics', with a 'focus on longevity and repairability'.

tech.eu's Ivo Spigel recently interviewed Bas van Abel, founder and CEO of Fairphone, so check it out if you want to learn more about what they're up to.

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