Freiburg-based no-code sales commission operating system EqualTo raises €3.5 million in seed round

Freiburg’s no-code sales commission operating system EqualTo has raised €3.5 million in a seed round led by Cavalry Ventures. The raise also saw participation from Amaranthine, First Momentum Ventures, and Saarbruecker21, as well operator angels Felix Jahn (McMakler), Dieter Buchl and Stephen Weich (Flaschenpost), and Phil Chambers (Peakon). The funding is slated to enter the market as the European challenger to SPIFF and CaptivateIQ.

Founded in 2020 by Diarmuid Glynn, Gijs Hubben, and Kim Bergstrand, EqualTo automates the sales commission process normally calculated manually by finance or sales personnel. Normally on a vast collection of spreadsheets.

Because these calculations are often manual and without a solid process, companies often have no true visibility on how much is dished out, and how it can be better spent to incentivise growth. Add to this a lack of transparency and employee satisfaction can suffer. EqualTo offers data connectors for CRM, ERP, HR, payroll and accounting systems and ensures a seamless enterprise integration. 

“EqualTo is a true no-code sales commission operating system, making it the ideal solution for any fast-growing organisation. The software is powerful and flexible, yet intuitive. The low barrier to adaptation and usage allows it to become the single source of truth for commissions, leading to a more efficient, accurate, and smart incentivisation set-up,” concludes Cavalry Ventures’ Rouven Dresselhaus.

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