Garden, the Berlin-based creators of an open source-based development automation platform, has sprouted with €3.1 million in seed and pre-seed funding. With the aim of reimagining cloud-native developer workflows, the German company will use the capital to build out its engineering, sales and marketing teams.

Defining the problem, the startup’s CEO and co-founder Jon Edvald explained: “Developers today are wasting as much as 25 percent of their time waiting on CI pipelines and repeatedly solving the same boilerplate problems when building cloud native applications.”

Simply put, Garden is a platform for Kubernetes and cloud native testing. Available as an open source product since 2018, Garden Core helps create efficient workflows for Fortune 500 companies and other organisations with complex software systems. Built on top of Core and available as of today, Garden Enterprise unifies development, testing and CI within a single platform that works across all stages.

“We use Garden to provide more than 50 engineers with an isolated development environment in a shared Kubernetes cluster. Our team can develop their microservices remotely and more quickly test changes and iterate on their services in a production-like environment,” said Mitchell Friedman, engineer at OakNorth Bank. Coincidentally, that company just announced a $30 million investment and big deployment of its software today.

Garden was founded in 2018 by three guys from Iceland and one from the Netherlands. Its seed round was led by Crowberry Capital with participation from byFounders. Pre-seed funding was led by Fly Ventures, and included System.One,, as well as angels Renaud Visage (founder, Eventbrite), Chad Fowler (former GM Developer Advocacy, Microsoft), Olivier Pomel (CEO, Datadog) and David Helgason (founder, Unity).

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