Helsinki-based market research automation firm Cambri raises €3.6 million in Series-A

Finnish SaaS startup Cambri has recently raised €3.6 million in Series-A round led jointly by OpenOcean and Spintop Ventures.

Founded by Dr. Heli Holttinen, Dr. Outi Somervuori, and Dani Kamras, Cambri enables brands to rapidly iterate, optimise, and validate early phase product and service concepts with the firm reporting a reduced failure rate of 80%. Through this process, this then allows brands to allocate resources only towards the most successful product candidates.

“Cambri’s platform has helped us make better, data-informed decisions faster. As we use Cambri across many markets, it also offers a methodology that removes cultural bias, making results comparable across markets,” comments Cambri customer Jessica Adel, Consumer Insights Director at Electrolux.

Sami Niemi, Partner at Spintop Ventures continues, “I have created and launched global products in both small and large corporations and always missed what Cambri brings: they empower product teams to innovate and run best-practice market research directly by themselves with results available already the next day. This allows for iterative innovation just like with digital products.”

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