Neosmart Health, the Finnish preventative healthcare startup, has closed a €1.2 million seed round to pursue its mission of “keeping people healthy.” The round was led by various investors from the Nordics, North America, and Africa, including Sami Laine, Martti Lepistö, Kari Helin, Ahmed Eltigani, Niilo Pellonmaa, and Timo Mäkelä.

“Over 75% of chronic illnesses burden arise from preventable conditions and only with preventive healthcare, we can manage the costs and extend the healthy lifetime for all of us,” said co-founder and CEO Marko Nurmela.

The company combines technology, such as AI and wearables, with traditional medicine to design individualised “health optimisation plans” for patients.

“Our methodology is based on deep data analytics and what differentiates us from others is our holistic approach towards health. We look at health from multiple fronts, including comprehensive blood analysis, gut microbiome, food sensitivity, immunity profile, wearables data, genomics and everything else that is required for an individual,” explained founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pertti Lähteenmäki.

In addition to data-driven tools, patients are paired with Neosmart-licensed doctors at Neosmart’s brick-and-mortar clinics. Part of the company’s short-term vision is to attract and license more doctors in the Neosmart system.

Since starting its operations in 2018, the company has hired 19 employees, located in the Helsinki headquarters or the Dubai office. Both locations have afforded strategic partnerships: the retailer S-Group in Finland, and the Dubai Sports Council and Dubai government (though no further information has been disclosed on this point). So far Neosmart also two patents in the US and other markets.

Commenting on the company’s aspirations, Marko said: “This is just the beginning and we’re already in discussions for our Series A round next, to accelerate the development of our deep data analytics platform and AI, and start offering our services in new markets – Sweden, Estonia, Dubai and start the ground work on our expansion to the US, UK, India, China and Japan.”

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