Home cleaning services platform Batmaid raises €23 million


Swiss home cleaning services booking platform Batmaid has raised €23 million in a Series B round. The funding is slated to accelerate the company’s projects in Switzerland as well as fuel expansion plans into 21 cities in 15 countries in the coming months.

Founded in 2014 by Andreas Schollin-Borg and Eric C. Laudet, Batmaid is a part of the Batgroup, a combined service that offers a complete cleaning solution, from home cleaning, end-of-tenancy cleaning, to commercial cleaning.

The company has approximately 200 employees working out of offices in Lausanne, Zurich, Lugano, Warsaw, Paris, Milano, and Luxembourg. This core team supports 4,000 salaried cleaning agents who in turn service over 70,000 customers.

In addition to in-person cleaners, in March of this year, the company launched its subscription-based Batmaid Club service, delivering biodegradable cleaning products directly to consumers’ doorsteps. A few months later, Batmaid Dry, a pilot laundry service was in Lausanne.

The €23 million investment arrives via Aevis Victoria, a Swiss investment firm with a focus on healthcare, lifestyle and infrastructure. According to Batmaid, the €23 million is a Series B raise. However, Aevis’ delegated administrator Antoine Hubert commented, “This acquisition is part of our investment strategy in innovative and digital companies active in personal services.”

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