Dutch startup Innatera Nanosystems raises €5 million

Innatera tech.eu

Dutch nanotech company Innatera has raised €5 million in seed funding to bring its brain-inspired processing technology to sensors and sensor-based devices. The round was led by Munich-based deeptech investors MIG Verwaltungs and the Industrial Technologies Fund of btov.

The startup says its neuromorphic processing chip closely mimics the brain’s mechanisms for pattern recognition, enabling sensor data to be processed 100 times faster and with up to 500 times less energy than with conventional processors.

The result is that advanced AI can be embedded into the sensor-edge, improving intelligent speech processing in human-machine interfaces, vitals monitoring in wearable devices, target recognition in radars and lidars, and fault detection in industrial or automotive equipment.

“The most impactful sensor-driven applications today are limited by the efficiency and speed of the processor, and this is more so in small, battery-powered devices than anywhere else,” explains CEO Dr. Sumeet Kumar.

To realise the full potential of its silicon chip, the Delf-based startup is developing a suite of proprietary algorithms and an extensive software toolchain. The fresh funding will enable the company to hire “aggressively”, scale up its R&D efforts and accelerate product development to deliver on customer commitments through next year.

Photo: Co-founders Dr. Amir Zjajo, Dr. Sumeet Kumar, and Dr. Rene van Leuken

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